REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floor/ AllStar Epoxy Flooring Systems

REFLECTOR Enhancer - 394775

Elite Crete Systems reset the standard for custom, seamless commercial flooring with REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems. Over and estimated 10,000,000 square feet of REFLECTOR Enhancer Floors have been specified and installed over the past few years and demand continues to be as strong as ever.

Please don’t call these “metallic” floors. As much as we hate to use the word, “metallic”, once REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring Systems were released, everyone tried jumping on the tend of success with the their own versions. However, ask anyone that has used or specified REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems and any of the imitations and they will tell you how much different REFLECTOR Enhancer is verses the others. Depth and visual texture are achieved naturally, not by adding solvents or spraying contaminants that change the chemical makeup and impact performance.

Strength, durability and longevity is achieved by the resin vehicle of choice; E100-PT1™, E100-UV1™ or better yet E100-VR1™. All of these resins are 100% solids and omit ZERO VOC’s. These resins are expertly formulated to improve the sub-par natural performance characteristics:

– Improved self leveling properties
– Increased abrasion resistance
– Greatly improved resistance to water spotting
– Engineered advancements in adhesion promoters
– Extremely abnormally high impact resistance
– Exceptionally improved cured Shore D hardness

Although we don’t expect specifiers or property owners to immediately see the benefits of the advancements in our formulation and engineering processes, contractors immediately see benefits from the moment they first begin to install and use these products.

Additional performance characteristics are available by the additional of clear urethane protective top coats. Ultra-finely ground metal can be added to increase the level of abrasion resistance to virtually un-see levels of performance.

Contact us today and we can assist you with the specification or installation of the REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring System.

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