HEREMETIC Paramount Flooring System

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HERMETIC Paramount

Flooring System

HERMETIC Paramount Floor is a high build, self-levelling, resinous slurry flooring system engineered for industrial applications. Available in either solid pigment or colored quartz for a speckled finish.

• Warehouses
• Manufacturing areas
• Laboratories & clean rooms
• Automotive service area & garages
• Hospitals
• Schools
• Airports
• Shopping malls


• Eave of maintenance
• Aesthetic improvements
• increases the strength of the substrate
• Hard and abrasion resistant
• VOC free - CA 01350 air quality compliant
• Stain and chemical resistant
• Anti-microbial
• Fast set available for quicker turn around time


• Name: HERMETIC Paramount Floor
• Cured Thickness: 125 to 135 mils
• Surface preparation and detailed application instructions per manufacturer
• Manufacturer: Elite Crete Systems, Inc. +1-219-465-7671
Light Gray Medium Gray Dark Gray
Tan Brown White
Black Forest Green Country Blue
Army Green Tile Red Burnt Orange
Nevada Clay Safety Yellow Brick Red

NOTE: The colors depicted on this technical document may not illustrate the exact color. Contact a technical support representative for a more accurate color sample. Custom colors available upon request • Novalac Only

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES (73F’ / 23 C, 7 day ambient cure as a coating)

VOC Content N/A 0.94
Shore D Hardness ASTM D-2240 80
Water Absorption (2hr boil) ASTM D-570 0.10%
Toxicity N/A None
Heat Distortion Temperature ASTM D-648 128 F / 51 C
Compressive Strength ASTM D-695 12500 psi
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 3300 psi
Flexural Strength ASTM D-790 4200 psi
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-4060 9 mg loss
Slant Shear ASTM C-882 100% concrete failure
Flammability ASTM D-635 Self extinguishing
Flame Spread Rate (NFPA 101) ASTM E-84 Class A
Elongation at Break ASTM D-638 5.5 %
Chemical Resistance Contact technical representative for chart
Coefficient of Friction Adjusted per requirement. Generally 0.80
COF Guidelines ADA Flat Surfaces 0.60
ADA Indined Surfaces 0.80
OSHA 0.50
NFPA 0.68

• FDA & USDA Acceptable •• CS-17 Wheel. 1 KG load, 1,000 cycles