We only use superior material

Restore and protect your concrete floors with high performance Industrial Flooring Solutions by Elite Crete Systems. Maintenance supervisors and facility managers no longer need to worry about the look, cleanliness and condition of the floors.

Our industrial flooring products are specified globally by architects, engineers, maintenance supervisors and facility managers. We provide solutions to your flooring needs by structurally estoring the integrity of the surface, protecting against abrasion and chemical ttack with a clean appearance.

Designed for industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, our flooring systems are time tested and proven for long term durability. Our flooring systems also provide a nearly maintenance free finish strong enough to take constant ehicular and heavy duty forklift traffic. Available in standard and custom colors, e can match virtually any facility color available.
ith over 20 years of experience in the structural repair, industrial and marine environments, manufacturing facilities and more, we design from the substrate to be finished surface for long term performance.


• Chemical and abrasion resistant
• Additional high chemical resistant options
• Non-slip anti-skid options for wet or oil saturated floors
• Completely seamless and monolithic
• Structural repair systems for cracks, spits and joint restoration
• Optional cove base and wall coatings
• Patching, regrading and leveling systems included
• Affordable and cost effective
• Extreme durability for high traffic areas
• Very low maintenance compared to other flooring products
• Quick installation time means less down time
• VOC free options-being "Green" is important to you and important to
• Can be installed pre or post construction
• For new or existing concrete floors